Events & COVID-19

Hi friends,

Welcome to 2021! Shout out to you for making it so far!

2020 was CRAZY. In good ways and bad ways. To those who have lost loved ones, jobs, and more, my deepest condolences. I pray this year will be great for you. And to those who were fortunate enough to experience love, financial growth, life, and more, all I have to say is won't HE DO IT!! #doitagain2021

I believe this year will great! I don't think we have to miss out on any of life's great moments. COVID-19 will stop us! So I have a few tips on how to celebrate life and continue hosting events in the midst of the pandemic:

  1. Make sure you what the CDC and your state's guidelines/regulations are on events and gatherings. You want to make sure you are following the laws and keeping everyone safe.

  2. Celebrate with those you care about most. One of the great aspects of this pandemic was (and is) the ability to choose who you want to spend your time with! What a luxury we have been missing out on for years! You can say no to those you don't want to be around and enjoy the company of those you love.

  3. Host virtual events. Or hybrid events i.e. partially in person and online. This is especially great for those who have elderly guests. Protect them at all costs! Have them login online (good luck to those who have to explain to them how to use online platforms lol) and let them enjoy the event from home. They will love the opportunity to celebrate with you and they learn a new way to connect with loved ones online. It's a win-win! And there are also drive-by events. I love this concept. A drive-by event is when a certain number of people come by for a few hours, leave, and the next batch comes. Also a great way of separating the people who don't like each other....just saying.

  4. Spend money on the important aspects of your event. COVID events=HUGE money saver. I'm sure people have saved millions... ok maybe thousands because of event limitations during COVID. Capitalize on this season! I honestly think it is the perfect time to have a wedding! Fewer guests mean less food, fewer drinks, less decor, fewer favors, and more money in your pocket. And it will still be a dream wedding because all the people you love will be there. I get more into budgeting tips for events in this video on my youtube channel and definitely feel free to reach out to us if you need help planning your event.

So keep celebrating! Keep having fun! Keep hosting your events. Keep celebrating life wins, babies being born, people coming together in wedded bliss, your favorite team's games, your thriving business, and whatever else is happening in your life. Especially in this season where so much pain and misfortune is affecting all people to some extent. We need to see that great things are happening in people's lives.

Keep living a life filled with wonder.